Friday, June 15, 2007

Eight Hundred Miles and Egg Shells

Please excuse my longer than typical absence from the blogging world. The past week and a half has been more than I could deal with, all non-essential functions were discontinued.

The past week was a full fledged, decked out in all her glory, this is not a drill, demonstration of why I live (and will always live) 800 miles away from the town I originally called home. Let me explain.

The Duke and I are originally from the same area, my parents, his parents, one set of my grandparents, one set of his grandparents, all my siblings, half of his siblings, and a multitude of aunts, uncles, and cousins all still live there. There has been a lot of pressure over the years for us to return, pressure that I have easily ignored with the great help of events like this past week.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family, and I dearly wish I my sister and her husband would move to Seattle (yes, I know it's never going to happen, but a Duchess can dream.) I just don't have the constitution to deal with the politics that are seemingly inevitable when not just one, but several, intermarried families live so close to one another. (My brother and sister also married into families from the same county. . . I don't even know who all my relatives are anymore.)

. . .

OK, I got about 2000 words into recapping my past week and got so upset that it ruined the rest of my day. You don't want to read it, and I don't want to write about it. Here's how things stand now.

The Bad

-I am exhausted from doing a poor excused for my best to host 16 people. (Much thanks to my wonderful parents for helping me enough to make this even remotely possible. I would have certainly killed someone if you hadn't been there.)
- My FIL crossed the line on Sunday. I have moved from expending a ridiculous amount of energy to try to tolerate "John's teasing" and trying to keep the peace in the face of a person who goes out of his way to upset me. I can't help the fact that he dislikes me because I married his son, that's his problem. I will now, instead, expend a much smaller amount of energy (heaven knows I need to conserve all I have at this point,) to avoid having unnecessary interaction with him. As a wise counselor once told me "Don't try to kiss a rattle snake."
- Due to other highly unpleasant circumstances the Duke and mine's future plans have radically changed. Nothing really to write about here, but it's very stressful at the moment.

The Good

-I definitively felt the little alien move last week. The little bugger kicked me hard enough that I felt it with my hand that was resting on my belly. I have been feeling these little movements for a few weeks now, but intermittently, and I didn't know for sure if that is what it was. Well, now this little alien has taken to romping around in my belly with great vigor. An athlete? Well, that depends on how much of his father's DNA he got as opposed to mine, but his energy is not mine, that's for sure. (Or rather it IS mine, plus his, as he continues to consume mine.)
- I now have some time to rest and recover until the next major event, our annual trip to the Oregon Coast. I'm not as excited for the beach trip as I usually am. We made an impromptu trip to Portland on Monday and the car trip was really hard on me. Luckily, the beach is a very restful place.
- I have some fabulous acquisitions to share with you all from last week before my home and life were invaded. My mom and I made a fun little excursion to Whidbey Island. . . aren't you excited?

A few more notes before I sign off.

Yes, we have a name chosen for the alien. I have been trying to decide if I should post it or not. The Duke preferes not to have our names posted to the blog, thus the Duchess and Duke. I agree, but want to share the name we've chosen. I'll think about it.

No, Patrick, rest assured, his name will not be Earl. (And sadly I had to explain that to the Duke- sigh.)

Yes, there do seem to be a multitude of boys coming around. My cousin just gave birth to twin boys a few days ago (just under 36 weeks, both healthy and adorable. I can't wait to meet them.) I have three friends expecting boys in the next 4 months, another cousin expecting a boy, and of course Princess P. will have W. in August. We actually have enough baby boys being born just within the family to have a basketball team. Too bad the parents are all so short, guess they'll just have to learn to knit ganseys instead!

Thank you all for your well wishes and congratulations. We are very excited.

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