Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hurry Hurry Hurry!

That is how I feel this week. . . hurry towards next week when we have final presentations, family arriving, ultrasound, graduation, graduation party. Then (because I don't have enough to worry about) I begin to wonder, then what?

What am I going to do for the next 4.5 months until the baby is born? I will be traveling for some of that time, but no job, no school, no plans. I'm a little afraid! The Duke says I will nest. I think he is over estimating my nesting tolerance. Yes, I do have a nursery to arrange, which is going to be no small feat, but I don't think it will take 4 months. Well, I supposed this little alien will, at the very least, have a whole lotta hand knits.

Anyway, changing topics, this has also been a week of surprises, and pleasant ones at that.

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Here is baby's first photo album, a gift from friends R., J., and baby E. Very sweet!

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Then a package arrived for me at Hilltop, which of course caused some confusion, but one of the women I used to work with is also my neighbor, and she was sweet enough to bring it home. It was a package from my secret pal from Knitty's Secret Pal 8. Amy, I know your real name now, but just couldn't bring myself to go through all those hundreds of posts to try to figure out what your Coffeeshop name is. Please, do tell.
Thank you so much for the wonderful package. Some of you may remember, it would have also been Amy who sent the beautiful Malabrigo yarn.
This package was no less spectacular, as you can see. A sweet button hole bag, a couple of balls of Misty Alpaca's Merino (I LOVE this yarn,) a hank of Araucania's Naure Wool Chunky in a beautiful orange, chocolate (yum yum yum,) a new Chibby- (I've wanted one of the new ones in the cool new colors, but never bought myself one,) and a plethora of wonderful smelling soaps, lotions, creams, lip gloss, and a candle. Amy, you must have been reading my 100th post, or was is just a good guess that I love good smelling soaps in particular? One of them is even for my dogs. I think they will be getting a bath tomorrow! Thank you so much Amy, you were so generous!

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I also got a package from my grandmother who we refer to as the Queen Mother here in Yarnnation. She has recently returned from Panama and sweetly brought home a beautifully embroidered bag for me. I love it. The colors and the work are stunning. It is hand driven machine embroidery with multiple layers of embroidery, much like a painting. It is an interesting craft I admired while living in the Philippines, and this is a beautiful example of it.
There was also a present for the alien. A darling blanket and burp cloth combo which she has crocheted around the edges. I love the combo of the the print with the stripes. THANKS GRANDMA (and yes, of course I remember, and will always be your Valentine.)

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I also got my copy of Spin-Off. I loved the article written by Kathryn Tewson about the Faroe Island shawls she spun the yarn for and then knit for a friend that needed to know that someone loved her and was there for her. The article not only made me want to learn more about Faroe Island shawls, but also made me wish that we could all be a friend like Kathryn was, and made me want to be a better friend.

I have been considering joining the Spun Stiches KAL for a couple of days now, but didn't really know if I would be able to give my full commitment. It appears that the spinning motion no longer makes me sick, as I have been able to spin for a few days now without problem, and the article in Spin-Off pushed me off the fence. I've sent off my email request to join.

Last but not least, I have made my visit to and it has chosen the recipient of the fiber happiness that always accompanies a Yarn of Yarnnation. Wouldn't you know it, it chose The Yarn Queen, my mom! She is flying up here in a few days for the Duke's graduation, so I will give it to her then and even take a picture of her with it!

Also, the yarn is GGH Goa. Katie is right, Yarndex does list this as a heavy worsted. I wrote about it as a bulky simply because knit at 4 sts to the inch, it has a stiff and heavy fabric that I dislike. I think it served the yarn better to knit it at 3-3.5 sts to the inch and let it have a little freedom, but I do realize that doesn't really make it a true bulky. Melissa and Kathleen both wondered about a picture of the FO. Sarah, you are right, it is the same capelette/poncho I was wearing the first time we met.

I knit this back in 2005 before I was blogging and I don't have a great picture of it, but here is a picture of me wearing it (alongside my favorite Duke) on vacation at the Sun Mountain Lodge.
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