Wednesday, October 25, 2006

AKO PA (a little self affirmation)

Ako Pa

Literal translation: "Still me."

Meaningful translation: "I'm the man!" (or woman as the case may be, as Tagalog has no gender specific pronouns- gotta love that.) or "I Rock!"

Today, for me, it means, that I am successfully navigating my world. It means that I am accomplishing my sometimes too lofty goals. It means that despite the reality that it is hard to be a woman in today's world, and that can sometimes frustrate me beyond rationality, when I take a step back I see that I am on my way to being the person that I want to be.

Here's why:
In the past 10 years I have managed to:
-live in the Philippines, learn about their culture, and become fluent (or proficient by academic standards) in their language, Tagalog.
- help people there learn how to better themselves and live more fulfilling lives.
- find and recognize the man of my dreams and marry him. (Probably the hardest thing on this list.)
- graduate with a BA from a great university.
- become extremely efficient at one profession, realize it wasn't for me, and take the risk to leave it.
- find a job and become submerged in an industry that I love.
- be admitted to a top 25 MBA program.
- support my husband (without divorcing him) through pharmacy school.

When I look around at the women around me, and the struggles they face, I am amazed and inspired.

I don't think that we often enough say AKO PA! Look what I have accomplished, look at the struggles I have overcome to get where I am. I deserve a freakin' award!

So here is my award to all of you. Post it on your blog along with a list of all that you have accomplished. Give yourself a big ol' pat on the back, and proclaim, with pride, to the world. . .


  1. Ako Pa! You rock duchess! It is tough to support the husband through school(I know - we are at 8 years and counting), but it is an amazing feeling to see them reach their accomplishments, as well as your own. I will have to have my own Ako Pa blog ... once I figure out how to upload images : ) !!

  2. I'm heading down to the women's leadership seminar today - 10 days of celebrating Ako Pa and also setting new, exciting goals. Good for you for recognizing this in your day to day life! Keep spreading the word Duchess - the law of attraction would indicate positive things will keep coming your way!

  3. Ako Pa is my mantra, but I didn't have the foreign words to describe it. It is a lot easier to say ako pa than the usual long-winded singing of my own graces.

  4. Annette2:31 PM

    kumusta! mabuti ako. I have no idea if that is totally correct, including spelling, but that is the best I will attempt. Susan H. gave me your link so I could drop a line and say howdy. It looks like you are staying busy and doing well! Good for you! And I must say, I love the spinning you are doing. Simply lovely!
    Net Lawrence S.